»A remarkable, inspiring book… buy it! You'll be repaid with some brilliant writing.«
Tom Cheesman
»A powerful and timely collection of short stories and poems about Zimbabwe, Long Time Coming… is a collection straining with suspended hope, change has taken too long to arrive. Political frustration, brutal violence and painful loss is met with practical resignation and grim humour.«
Gemma Ware
»You don't have to be in Zimbabwe to know or experience what is happening in Zimbabwe. All you have to do is get yourself a copy of Long Time Coming.«
Raisedon Baya
»Register in the short stories shifts from blank naturalism to formal social realism, from the carnivalesque to the self-consciously melodramatic, from the fine chisel of irony to the sledgehammers of lampoon and parody.«
Neil Lazarus
»Each piece here — and they are miniature marvels, vividly illuminates an aspect of what it is actually like to live in a country that has been systematically stripped of functioning organizations.«
New Internationalist
»Long Time Coming is a remarkable achievement… a hard hitting collection touched by moments of tenderness.«
Jane MacNamee
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Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming brings together short stories and poems from thirty-three writers that provide snapshots of this turbulent period in Zimbabwe's history. Snapshots of living in a country where basic services have crumbled: where shops have no food, taps no water, banks no money, hospitals no drugs, bars no beer. Snapshots of characters surviving against seemingly insurmountable odds. Horrific snapshots of the abuse of power, of violence and oppression, of the destruction of dreams.

But this is Zimbabwe — there are lighter moments and moments of hope: in some of life's simple pleasures, in the coming of the rains, in the wink and the smile of a stranger, in a challenge to patriarchy, in the inner strength of the people, in fighting back.

The New Internationalist chose Long Time Coming as one of its two »Best Books of 2009«.
Long Time Coming
edited by Jane Morris
ISBN 978-0-7974-3644-2
160 pages