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Long Time Coming

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»So much about life here and now entails waiting. If you are serious about life, if you are a go-getter and you want to make things happen then you need to know how to wait. Seriously. You take a deep breath, put your ‘game face’ on, brace yourself and wait.«
from Arrested Development in Long Time Coming
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Sandisile Tshuma

Sandisile was born and raised in Bulawayo. She returned to the city after three years studying Chemical, Molecular and Cellular Sciences at the University of Cape Town, to study Development and Disaster Management at the National University of Science and Technology. At present she lives in Johannesburg and works as Programme Associate for the UNESCO East and Southern Africa EDUCAIDS programme. Sandisile’s short story Arrested Development appeared in the magazine Wordsetc and was awarded an Honourable Mention in the 2010 Thomas Pringle Awards for the best short story published in a newspaper or journal in southern Africa in the preceding two years.
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Short Stories: Arrested Development in Long Time Coming and The Need in Where to Now?