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Where to Now?

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»Skhumba is trying to say to Aunt Mongi, he cannot sleep at night because he loves her. Grown-ups can say stupid things like that and their eyes tell you these are useless things. Look at Skhumba’s eyes. They are naturally small as a porcupine’s and always slide away from everyone’s like those of a thieving dog and now they are small small slits.«
from Making a Woman in Where to Now?

Thabisani Ndlovu

Thabisani was born in Lupane in 1971 and was educated in Bulawayo. He has recently been awarded a PhD from the University of the Witwatersrand. He writes so that the reader takes an emotional journey charted by the words he puts together. There’s a happiness in that journey, although some of the words talk of painful things. It is the journey that is important. He has won several prizes for his writing, including first prize in the Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo Short Story Competition. Thabisani’s article A Lizard Grows Another Tail appeared in 2009 in Writers, writing on conflict and wars in Africa, edited by Okey Ndibe and Chenjerai Hove.
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Short Stories: The Boy with a Crooked Head in Short Writings from Bulawayo III, Stampede in Long Time Coming and Making a Woman in Where to Now?