»Then he slept again, but the dream came back stronger than ever before. The people bending in front of his throne were vague, but the crying of babies was louder than ever and blood was present everywhere. When he woke up, he knew that his past mistakes could not be repeated, that he could only free himself by saving the child.«
from Erina
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Wim Boswinkel

Wim was born in 1947 and settled in Zimbabwe in 1988. He retired from a lifelong career in farming and rural development work and returned to his native Holland with his family. Wim’s novel Erina was chosen as Best First Creative Book at the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association awards.
amaBooks writings by Wim Boswinkel

Novel: Erina. Short Stories: 2084 in Short Writings from Bulawayo II, A Matter of Statistics in Short Writings from Bulawayo III and Justice in Long Time Coming